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I went shopping with Kirsten last week and found these awesome letters at Walmart. Normally I see small flat ones, but these were big, thick and already painted white. They were perfect. We were looking for something to make a craft for Popa for his birthday. We picked up a letter P for Popa and of course, Kirsten wanted a letter K for herself. They were all out of the letter C for Cam, so I’ll be on the look out for one for him when I go again. I’d love to have Camden decorate his just like his Popa’s, all in buttons. It would look great in his bedroom with green buttons. I’m a little button obsessed. Kirsten found these beautiful stickers that she wanted to decorate her letter with. They were so pretty, I happily obliged. The kids did an amazing job decorating the letters. We picked out all our nicest blue buttons and the kids glued them on their Popa’s letter P. He absolutely loved it. Kirsten put the stickers all over her letter K and now it’s up on her bookshelf in her room. I just love these things. Can’t wait to make another one for Cam!

I love the 3-D effect the stacked buttons give:


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9 thoughts on “decorating letters

  1. Runde's Room

    I can’t wait to go out and get my “READ” letters today – I’m going to decorate mine with scrapbook paper, I think. I do REALLY like the buttons, but I’m not sure I want to buy that many.

  2. dawn

    These are beautiful, love the buttons and flowers. Too hard to choose which to use. Will have my kids do this too. Thanks for sharing.


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