fun food friday: pinwheel flowers

Happy Friday everyone! This was a really easy summer lunch I made for the kiddos. I had given them these pinwheel sandwiches before and they didn’t really like them, but I thought I’d try them out again. Kirsten actually ate them this time and liked them, but Cam still wouldn’t touch them. I had to make him something else to eat. Here’s how I made this lunch:

pinwheel flowers – I used tortillas (spinach, sundried tomatoe and plain) and rolled them up with cream cheese, salsa and shredded cheddar cheese. Then I sliced them into thin pinwheels. Celery stems and sliced celery grass. A slice of orange for the sun. So easy!

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10 thoughts on “fun food friday: pinwheel flowers

  1. Bridgette

    This is adorable! I try to make fun food meals for our girls every once in awhile too but they usually consist of “smiley faces”, ha! LOVE your creativity with the food! Thanks for sharing!


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