my stash of fun food friday supplies

I’ve been asked by some of my followers to compile a master list of all the things I use to make my fun food fridays. Some of you will think this collection is cool, some of you will think I’m absolutely crazy, and most of you will think I need a serious intervention. I kind of didn’t even realize myself how much stuff I had until I laid it all out to take pictures of it. You certainly don’t need all of this stuff to make cute lunches for your kids though. You can make cute lunches for your kiddos with very minimal supplies. This is just my addiction collection and I’m sure this won’t be the last of it. You could also use this list of equipment for making bento lunch boxes. Kirsten is starting Junior Kindergarten in just under 2 weeks and you can guarantee that I’ll be making her cute bento-style lunches for school using these very same supplies.

The things I use the most here are a sharp kitchen knife, scissors and veggie peeler. A good kitchen knife is essential for slicing fruits and veggies and cutting out shapes. Scissors are great for cutting tortillas into shapes for quesadillas and wraps, and veggie peelers are awesome for quickly peeling fruits and veggies.

I also use the tweezers and pick all the time. When I use my small plastic cutters, these are essential to get the small details out of the cutters.

Other stuff I use occasionally are my apple slicer for slicing apples and other fruit, pizza roller for quickly cutting up quesadillas, pancakes, etc. I also have a variety of scoops and melon ballers for scooping fruit like watermelon, kiwi, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, etc.

These larger plastic cutters aren’t my favourite, but I do use them occasionally. The metal cutters definitely cut through sandwiches, fruits and veggies easier. I do use them for tracing shapes on quesadillas, and the plastic ones with the handles (star, heart and flower) are really good.

You can find the plastic cutters with the handles here
And you can find a huge assortment of plastic cutters here

These little plastic cutters are probably my most favourite part of my collection. I got most of these at All Things for Sale (link in my sidebar). I can’t recommend that store enough. They have an awesome selection, great customer service, and offer shipping in the U.S and Canada for very reasonable rates. These little plastic cutters are awesome for making small details and cute decorative items on the plate. I use them to cut fruit leather, fruit, veggies, lunch meat, cheese, and more. Even though they are plastic, they are very sturdy. They are a much sturdier plastic than my larger plastic cutters above. The little tweezers and pick are essential for getting some of the smaller details out of the cutters. Love them!

I use my metal cutters a lot. My favourite metal cutters are the Wilton comfort grip ones. They cut through anything with ease and don’t hurt your hands!! I mainly use the large cutters for cutting sandwich shapes. I also love my alphabet cutters and the small metal cutters are great for cutting fruits, veggies, cheese and fruit leather.

Some of my favourite comfort grip cutters are the butterfly

I love, love, love my sandwich punches. I got the two lunch punch sets (princess sandwishes and puzzle shapes) at All Things for Sale (link in my sidebar). I absolutely love how these cut through sandwiches with ease and leave very little waste. Basically I’m just throwing out the crust, which the kiddos don’t usually eat anyway. Did I mention that I love these??

Here’s a link to the dinosaur sandwich punch

I don’t use these very often because my kiddos don’t love hard boiled eggs. Sometimes they’ll eat them, and sometimes they won’t. I have used these a few times though and they are really easy to use and make adorable shapes. I’ve actually made a tutorial on how to use these, but I just haven’t gotten around to sharing it yet. If your kiddos like hard boiled eggs, they will love the cool shapes these egg molds make.

You can find some adorable egg molds like a rabbit and bear, a heart and star, and a fish and car

I use these silicone cups a lot. They are great for holding yogurt, applesauce, cheese and crackers, fruit and veggies – really anything. The smaller ones are great for holding dip for the fruit and veggies. I’m always looking for cute new silicone cups.

Some of my favourites are the flower silicone cups, heart silicone cups, mini silicone cups, and flexible silicone cups

These sauce and dip containers are small and great for holding little things. They’re great for holding dips, sauces, or maybe a small treat for the kiddos. Plus, they’re super cute which is always a bonus!

Here’s some links to some small silicone cups: flowers, and animal farm

I just love adorable little food picks. The kiddos love them because they can eat their fruits and veggies without having to touch them and get their hands dirty. They are absolutely perfect for eating fruits and veggies, or you can use them as small kabobs, putting a couple pieces of fruit or veggie on them. I’ve gotten most of these at All Things for Sale (link in sidebar).

Here’s a cute set I found on Amazon of cute animal picks

Decorations aren’t essential, but they definitely add a new level of cuteness to lunches. I love my food-safe markers for drawing on details and faces. The Wilton decorating gel tubes are also great for small details. The icing eyes are absolutely adorable, but if I run out, I’ve been known to slice a small white marshmallow in half and put a black dot in the centre with my food safe marker. Easy and equally as cute. The other set I have pictured I got from All Things for Sale (link in sidebar) and it great for cutting eyes out of anything (fruit and veggies, cheese, lunch meat, etc.).

You can find the food safe markers here
You can get some icing eyes here, and here

If have a major sprinkle addiction. The ones pictured are not all the ones I have. Sprinkles are great for sprinkling on cups of yogurt or applesauce. They’re also great for adding cute details to lunches, or faces. I absolutely love them and am always looking for more!

Some of my favourite sprinkles are pink pearls, jumbo confetti, pink sugar, rainbow sprinkles, heart mix, and chocolate jimmies

And lastly, cute dishes. I actually usually use the plain white ones because they photograph better, but the coloured ones are really cute too. I got all the plates at my local dollar store. The colourful bowls are from Ikea.

A lot of you are probably thinking, where on earth are you storing all this stuff? Well, all the cookies cutters and decoration items are stored in a plastic bin that sits on top of my fridge. My tools are in my cutlery drawer. The sprinkles are with my spices. The dishes are with my regular dishes. Besides the huge plastic bin on top of my fridge, nothing else really takes up much space. That’s probably why I didn’t realize I had this much stuff!

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22 thoughts on “my stash of fun food friday supplies

  1. miamihoney

    I am just starting this cute food journey and I have found a lot of inspiration from your blog. I made my son the rainbow fruit dish just yesterday. He goes to preschool and has a Goodbyn so I have been trying to keep his lunch cute and healthy. So far so good. I can’t wait to add to our supplies. Thanks for the info!

  2. Jackie Koll

    I’m also at the front end of the cute food journey (I tried it for awhile and found my boys wouldn’t eat things that had been “changed” but they are really little!) So, I’m excited for when they will recognize the shapes/concpets :-) Thanks so much for this, I really needed it – I’m such a visual person!

  3. Emily @ RemarkableHome

    I am going to try Fun Food Friday for my boys school lunches. I think the challenge will be sending things that won’t get ruined in transit.

    Today I made a spot to keep all my supplies. I am excited to have it all in one place!

  4. dawn

    I don’t think it’s crazy at all, it’s fun and creative and your kids love it and will remember that you were awesome. Wish so badly that mine were little and I could do this with them.

    Love that you posted all this for us, fun to read. I have to say my favorite thing is the little silicone cups, they just make the lunches fun and pretty. You have an awesome collection.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Melissa

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve been doing fun lunches for my kids for about two months now (thanks to you!) and I’m ready to start doing some bento lunches as well. I’m curious what kind of Bento boxes you use. I’ve seen several but what I really like about yours are the cups inside that can hold yogurt and applesauce. Some of the others I’ve seen just have dividers and don’t look like they’ll work as well with liquids. Thanks!!

  6. Jill

    Thanks Melissa! The bento boxes I’ve been using are made by lock and lock. They are the 3.6 cup lunch box with 4 dividers (trays). Most of my bento posts have the link to amazon where I bought them, but it seems they are sold out right now. Hopefully they will get more in stock soon. They’re pretty hard to find!! I always wrap the containers of yogurt or applesauce in tin foil before I pack it in the lunch bag too. Otherwise it would spill into the other compartments. I hope that helps!

  7. Nicole

    I am so going to try this for my extreme picky eater. She is 3. I pack her daycare lunch every single day because she won’t eat meat, eggs, pasta and most veggies. With such a limited diet (and sometimes an overall aversion to mealtime) , I need to make the process fun! I am hopeful this will make it more enjoyable for her. Looking forward to hearing more ideas from your blog!

  8. Jill

    Good luck Nicole! I have a picky eater myself (my son), and while this isn’t a miracle fix, I really do think it encourages him to at least try new foods that he normally wouldn’t eat.


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