fun food friday: beautiful fall colours

Fall is here and I absolutely love it! It’s definitely my favourite season with the beautiful Fall colours. The kiddos really enjoyed this colourful lunch and ate it all up. It was super easy to make. Here’s how I made it:

Fall tree – pretzel stick with red, yellow, and green apple leaves. I used food-safe markers on a few of the apple leaves. 3 cheddar cheese maple leaves.

A square silicone container of yogurt with fall leaf sprinkles and a yummy maple cookie for a treat.

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8 thoughts on “fun food friday: beautiful fall colours

  1. dawn

    Fall is my very favorite too so I’m going to pretend you made this lunch for me, so thank you for sharing this wonderful FALL FUN lunch. You have so many good ideas and it makes me happy every Friday or any day to come here.


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