fun food friday: puzzle lunch

This lunch was really easy to make with the puzzle lunch punch I got from All Things for Sale (link in sidebar). I have to be completely honest in that I’ve kind of been neglecting my fun food fridays ever since I’ve started packing school lunches for Kirsten. I have to get motivated again. Making the school lunches is just so fun to me right now. Here’s how I made this lunch:

I made 2 sandwiches – 1 on white bread and 1 on whole wheat bread. I used the 4-piece puzzle punch and each kid got a sandwich with 2 pieces of each. They loved this.
Silicone container of puzzle watermelon pieces, silicone container of yogurt with fruit leather puzzle piece, silicone container of crackers with puzzle shaped cheese. Blueberries around the plate.

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9 thoughts on “fun food friday: puzzle lunch

  1. Eva Scott

    I love ALL yours lunches! I just started doing fun lunches with my 2 1/2 year old and he LOVES them! I started doing it to get a bit more motivated in healthier food options and to try and expand his food preferences! I’ve gotten him to eat lots of cucumbers! Yah! So, thanks for the motivation! Oh and he starts preschool one day a week beginning next week so I’ll be doing some school lunches too here and there! ;-)

  2. dawn

    Hi Jill,

    This is my new favorite now, I’m a puzzle girl. My son would love this too. You did a great job on all these. Don’t worry about keeping up on the Friday and school lunches, I love love both of them. You are a so fun and creative!!
    Have a great weekend.


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