fun food friday: the Queen of hearts

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s another lunch I made using the fabulous lunch punch set I got from All Things for Sale (link in sidebar). This was also from the sandwishes set. It’s such an adorable set with so many possibilities. My kids absolutely adored this. They’re both quite fond of Alice in Wonderland lately so I thought they would think the Queen of Hearts was cute. Here’s how I made this:

Sandwich cut into crown shape using the crown lunch punch. Fruit leather hearts. Bowl of vanilla yogurt with icing eyes, fruit leather heart mouth and heart sprinkles. Cheesestring hair. Strawberry pocky and fruit leather wand and blueberries around the plate.

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5 thoughts on “fun food friday: the Queen of hearts

  1. Venice

    Oh wow this so cute!!! I made my first, fun lunch yesterday and my daughter was quite impressed. it was a boring pb&j into a flower, but a start. I’m keeping my eye’s open for some nice bento sets and supplies.


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