An interview with Kirsten, 2011

And yet another pinterest-inspired activity. What ever did I do before pinterest?? I found a template of interview questions for kiddos here and I was so excited to buy it. It only cost a couple dollars and I know I’ll use it for years. Sure, I could have made one myself, but this mama loves anything time-saving these days. I was more than willing to pay a couple bucks for a cute template like this. I did an interview with Kirsten the night before she started school (2 nights ago) and filled in this fabulous little template. I then printed it out and stuck it in her school memories book I bought. I plan to do it each year with both the kiddos on their first day of school. I’m sure as we look back over the years, some of their answers will be quite funny!

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8 thoughts on “An interview with Kirsten, 2011

  1. dawn

    I love this and do it with my kids too, twice a year in the start and end of school. Yes, it is funny to go back and read these. The girls laugh at what their answers were. Great idea to buy the template and worth the few bucks.

    I love what she answered for the last question!!
    Have a great weekend with your family hopefully relaxing after a busy week.

  2. Hope Blumenthal

    Hi Jill! My daughter is entering K this year (in just a few days) and I would love to do this interview with her and create a page like this. I can’t figure out the website this is linked too. How can I find this exact template?!?


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