leaf people

Bring on the Fall crafts! Fall is definitely my favourite season and the kiddos and I have been busy Fall crafting. This craft was really fun. The kids and I went outside and picked our leaves, and then came inside and made leaf people. We made our family to be exact. Kirsten especially enjoyed this. She took great care picking out the leaves that would become us. So fun. Here’s the Dubien family in leaves:

and here’s a family portrait made by my little Cam:

Here’s what you need to make this craft:

lots of colourful fall leaves
googly eyes


1. go outside and pick some beautiful Fall leaves
2. arrange your leaves in a person or animal shape and glue to your paper
3. add googly eyes and sharpie mouth

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19 thoughts on “leaf people

  1. Aimee

    This is so cute! I can’t wait to do this with my little ones. We live in Florida, so it takes a bit for the leaves to turn colors here. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. dawn

    You are totally amazing and fun and I want to come live with you!!lol…. FALL IS MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR!! love the leaves, pumpkins, yummy apples and cider. So much to love about this season. What a cute idea for the leaves and they came out great. Our leaves haven’t turned color yet so I will save this idea.

    By the way how fun are the dinners you make? Do you do anything special, or creative? Just curious after seeing all your fun lunch ideas.

    Hope Kristen is doing well in school still.

    1. Shilpa

      I love leaf art too. We did a few last year but how do you do preserve these ? After a while the leaves start falling apart as in breaking into pieces. Is there a process to doing this. We just collected leaves and without pressing them, used them as they were.

      1. Jill Post author

        Unfortunately that tends to happen to leaves when they dry out. If you don’t want that to happen you could preserve the leaves by ironing them in between wax paper sheets or dipping in paraffin wax. I haven’t tried these methods myself, but I’ve heard several people have had success with that. I hope that helps!

  3. evaowl

    Love the leaves, but most of all let me tell zou from the other side of the emisphere (Italian-Slovenian border) that you gave me two super ideas for my everyday bento (my kids are studyig abroad, so I can pamper them only at the weekends when they return home): the frozen jogurt drink and the defrosting peas. Tnanks for improving my office lunch break. Ciao


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