make a chalkboard speech bubble

As soon as I saw this idea on the fabulous Make and Takes last year, I just knew I had to make some for my kiddos first day of school. What an amazing idea to document your little one’s milestones. The possibilities for it’s use are just endless. These are so simple to make and take barely any time. I just love them! Here’s how I made mine:

What you’ll need:

black foam core board
craft knife or Xacto knife – I used the fiskars fingertip knives and love them!
chalkboard spray paint
plastic knob
glue gun (I have rubber glue in the picture, but it didn’t end up working very well)

Step 1:

Using your sharpie, draw the outline of your speech bubble:

Step 2:

Using your craft knife, cut out your chalkboard speech bubble, following the lines you drew:

Step 3:

Take them outside and lie them on a piece of cardboard. Following the directions on the back of the spray can bottle, spray your speech bubbles with the chalkboard spray paint. I did a few coats. Let dry.

Step 4:

Once completely dry (they dry pretty quickly), bring back inside and glue a knob on the back of the speech bubble. This is optional, but I figured it would make it easier for the kiddos to hang on to it without having to touch the chalkboard surface. I thought I would use the rubber glue, as pictured, but it just didn’t work. The knobs fell off. I ended up using my glue gun and it worked perfectly. Allow the knobs to dry completely.

Step 5:

On the chalkboard surface, rub white chalk all over and wipe off. This will help give it that real chalkboard appearance.

Step 6:

Have fun with it!

Idea from Make and Takes

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13 thoughts on “make a chalkboard speech bubble

  1. dawn

    What a great idea this was and thanks so much for showing us how to make one. I like the knob idea for the back of it, so easy for the kids to hold it.


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