more bento snacks and lunches

Here’s some more bento boxes I’ve made. With having to pack 2 of these every day, I’m getting quite the collection to post. My bentos are by no means elaborate, just really simple with maybe one or two cute and easy elements to them. Kirsten has been helping me pack her lunches and she’s been having a lot of fun picking out the foods she wants. I love involving her in the process.

Peeled and sliced kiwi, sliced cucumber, unsweetened applesauce, crackers with 2 marble cheese turtles – I decorated them with my food-safe markers.

Yogurt with fruit leather penguin (icing eyes and carrot nose), raspberries, blueberries and whole wheat penguin crackers.

2 bunny-shaped quesadillas with marshmallow and food marker eyes and heart sprinkle nose. Small container of salsa for dipping. Sliced strawberries with bunny pick and pretzel sticks.

Half a sandwich (ham and cheese). I cut a giraffe out of a tortilla and coloured it with food-safe markers. Raspberries with giraffe pick and baby carrots.

Whole wheat and blueberry waffle cut in half with a little container of pure maple syrup for dipping. Fruit leather bent into rainbow. Yogurt with blueberries and granola.

Turkey and cheese sandwiches on mini ciabatta buns. Cucumber flowers with carrot centres and a fruit leather rainbow.

Here’s some of the supplies I used to make them:

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21 thoughts on “more bento snacks and lunches

  1. Toni

    I’d love to know where you purchased that little container to put salsa and other liquidy items in…

    Really cute ideas! Makes me feel like packing ‘cute’ meals isn’t so difficult..

  2. Gabrielle

    These are fantastic ideas for toddlers/younger children and their lunch/snack for preschool. My daughter will start attending the preschool on campus where I work when she is 3, and I was concerned about what kind of foods I could make for her to eat at school that are cold all the time. This is so helpful!

  3. Jill

    Thank-you so much ladies!

    Toni – I got the dip containers in a package of 4 from All Things for Sale – there’s a link in my sidebar. They have awesome bento supplies!

  4. dawn

    oh my gosh are you the best mom ever. my kids would have gone crazy for these when they were younger. now they are teens and my one daughter won’t even carry a lunchbox to school, only a paper bag and she hides it from her friends.

    oh how i wish you were around 10 years ago. that same daughter of mine loves penquins and would love that cut out. I thought at first the leather rainbow was cranberry sauce cut on the side to show the ridges, silly me.

    Way to go on these those Jill. You need to write a book.

  5. Cassie

    so fun! do you have a problem with the things like applesauce and yogurt spilling out to other sections? can it go in a backpack and end up sideways and still not either into the other sections or completely out of the container?
    casserole14 at gmail dot com

  6. Jill

    Thanks again ladies!

    Cassie – I always wrap the containers of applesauce or yogurt in tinfoil before putting the lid on. If I didn’t, they would spill for sure.

  7. Eileen

    I absolutely love your blog! You have the greatest ideas and have inspired me to do some of these fun things with my daughter. I love your craft and food ideas. You are such a creative and fun mom! Your kids are lucky :)

  8. Tara

    I am in love with your website! All your ideas are awesome! I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of fruit leather you use when you cut it into shapes and what kind of fruit leather did you make the rainbow from?

  9. Jill

    Hi Stephanie! I’m not sure where you live, but I live in Canada and the crackers are made by President’s Choice and sold at our local independent grocer.


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