fun food friday: the itsy bitsy spider

Here’s a fun food friday I made for the kiddos with a halloween-ish theme. They had never had pumpernickel bread before and I wasn’t sure whether they would like it or not. Cam ate it and liked it and Kirsten didn’t. I’ve still got a whole loaf to use up, so Kirsten might find herself having to try it again, lol. This was super easy and fun and this is how I made it:

Sandwich made on pumpernickel bread cut into circle shape. Icing eyes and pretzel stick legs. Mini cracker “sandwiches” with peanut butter. Pretzel stick legs and food safe marker faces. I used mozzarella cheesestrings for the spider’s web. Then they have a mini silicone container filled with bugs – aka raisins. Super cute and easy.

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9 thoughts on “fun food friday: the itsy bitsy spider

  1. dawn

    such a cute idea, love the cheese webs. two of my kids favorite song was this one and the other 2 liked twinkle twinkle. they would have loved this. happy weekend to you!


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