this week in bento’s: halloween style

Yup, I’m still having fun with this. Kirsten loved all the halloween bento boxes she got in her lunch this week. I must admit that I probably have as much fun making them with her and she does eating them. I figure I have to make her school lunches anyway, I might as well have a little fun while I’m doing it! Here’s some bento’s we made this week:

I just love this one because I have a slight obsession with owls. I made 2 mini circle sandwiches with turkey and cheese and decorated them with mozza cheese and food marker eyes, carrot nose, cheese wings and carrot legs. A container of orange jello – remember I make 1 package of jello ahead of time and it fills 4 of these containers so I can put jello in her lunchbox anytime. I also sliced a red apple and made a yellow apple moon cut out for it.

Here’s an adorable bento for her morning nutrition break. I decorated a yogurt drink with athletic tape and googly eyes to look like a mummy. She also got a peeled orange with a food marker face and a cereal bar.

And another adorable morning bento. She got a container of cheerios and I peeled the label of a small container of yogurt and drew a ghost face on it. She also got a banana with Boo on it – I used a toothpick to write the word.

Here’s a bento for her afternoon nutrition break. Half a ham and cheese sandwich with little mozza ghosts. A container of applesauce with halloween sprinkles and a container of baby carrots.

Another great afternoon nutrition break bento. She got a ham and cheese sandwich on flatbread. I used a mini pumpkin cutter to make a jack o’lantern in the bread and used food marker to decorate the face. A container of baby carrots and a container with rice crackers and a cheddar babybel jack o’lantern with food markers.

Here’s another morning nutrition break bento. She got a cereal bar, a container of vanilla yogurt with a fruit leather ghost face and a container of pretzel sticks with 2 cheesestring ghosts. To make the ghosts I just sliced a mozza cheesestring in half and used a food safe marker to draw on a face. Just slightly start peeling the cheesestring at th bottom. This helps give it a better ghost-like appearance and also helps Kirsten start peeling it too!

And lastly, another afternoon nutrition break bento. Half a chicken and cheese sandwich with fruit leather bats. A container of applesauce with halloween sprinkles and a container of sliced cucumbers using my awesome crinkle cutter.

Here’s some of the stuff I used to make these lunches:

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16 thoughts on “this week in bento’s: halloween style

  1. Mindy

    I just scored a TON of cutters, all sizes all shapes, at an estate sale last weekend for $1. ONE DOLLAR!!! I nearly peed myself with excitement.
    As usual, I’m loading up my Kid Lunch Ideas Pinterest board with your bentos.
    So cute!

  2. dawn

    I love love the ghosts, so very cool. Glad you can have fun with your daughter’s lunches. Thanks so much for sharing these with us.

    Have a booutiful week!!

  3. Dawn

    Just wanted to let you know that I found your blog via Pinterest last week and have already used a bunch of your ideas! Last night I made star crayons, this afternoon I made granola bites, creamy taco mac is on the menu for dinner, and we are making a trip to IKEA this week to steal your idea for hanging art in the playroom. I’ve got a picky 2.5 year old and I am hoping that by trying to use some of your lunch ideas I can get her to eat more. Thanks for all the great ideas and photos! Love the blog and I’ll be back every time there is an update. I appreciate you sharing your ideas and creativity with us – it has certainly been an inspiration for me!

  4. Runde's Room

    SOOOOOOOO cute! If Elizabeth didn’t pack the lunches (which I’m so not giving up), I’d totally be doing these … what else do I have to do with all that free time? ;)

  5. Melanie Pitts

    What cute lunch ideas! I’ve been trying to find those containers on lock n lock’s website, but can’t find them. Do you know what they are called or where I could buy them? They look perfect for lunches.

    1. Jill

      Hi Melanie! The one that I use has actually been discontinued. The one I use has 4 removable inner sections. They replaced it with a similar container with still 4 equal openings, but it is removable in only 2 parts, instead of 4 (2 sections are together). Does that make sense? Here’s a link to the new container – which seems out of stock at the moment – http://www.amazon.com/Lock-Rectangular-Container-Removable-3-6-Cups/dp/B000SIPNME/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1345059129&sr=8-2&keywords=lock+and+lock+3.6+cup&fb_source=message


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