handprint santa

On to the Christmas crafts! We’ve been crafting away like crazy here and I’m so excited to start sharing some of our Christmas creations. These cute little Santa’s were very fun to make. The kids stamped their adorable little hands in white paint and then stamped them to make Santa’s beard. Really easy, really cute, and a great Christmas keepsake for year’s to come. Here’s how we made them:

What you’ll need:

Cardstock – 1 base piece, and then pieces in red, white, peach, and pink
googly eyes
white paint


1. cut a circle out of your peach cardstock for Santa’s face and glue it on your main piece of paper
2. cut Santa’s hat out of your red cardstock and glue it on your main piece of paper
3. cut a white circle and white strip out of your white cardstock for Santa’s hat and glue on main piece of paper
4. cut some circles out of your pink cardstock and glue on Santa’s cheeks
5. glue some googly eyes on Santa
6. dip your child’s palms in white paint and have them stamp a beard for Santa
7. using your sharpie, draw on a mouth


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