this week in bento boxes

Kirsten and I had some more fun creating her lunches again this week. Although I must admit, it’s starting to get hard coming up with new, original ideas everyday now. I may have to start doing some repeats. Here’s some of her lunches from this week:

This one I call “Thank heaven for little girls.” That was Kirsten’s dance recital routine last year and she still loves it. She got half a sandwich with an adorable little girl on top. I made the little girl using some small bento cutters and used ham, cheddar cheese, mozza cheese and food safe markers. Isn’t she cute? She really didn’t take that long to make because of the small cookie cutters. It’s too easy. She also had a container of baby carrots and a container of cherry tomatoes.

Baa Baa white sheep, have you any wool? This was a really fun bento to make. Kirsten got half a sandwich with an adorable little sheep on top. I made the sheep using mozza cheese, fruit leather and icing eyes. I used a flower cutter for the sheep’s body and other small bento cutters for the other details. She also got a container of sliced strawberries with a little sheep pick and a container of baby carrots.

I am lion, hear me roar. This was a really fun bento for her afternoon nutrition break. She had half a turkey bologna sandwich with a cute little lion face on top. The lion face was made using a whole wheat tortilla, food safe markers and matchstick carrots. She also had a container of sliced pears with a lion pick and a container of crinkle cut cucumbers.

This was a really simple bento for her morning nutrition break. She got a double serving of fruit salad with a cute little pick, a cereal bar, and some yogurt with red sprinkles. I always wrap the yogurt in tinfoil before I pack it in her lunch bag.

And finally, another super easy morning nutrition break bento. She got a frozen strawberry smoothie (defrosted by her break), a container of goldfish chocolate grahams, and a container of sliced strawberries with a cute pick.

Here are some of the supplies I used to make these lunches:

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8 thoughts on “this week in bento boxes

  1. Laura @Art For Little Hands

    I just read through most of your blog pinning lots of things along the way. I love looking at your bento boxes. I am not that patient, but think they are art work! Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that I loved a lot of your posts. Sorry I didn’t comment on them all. I think I probably pinned about 15 or so.

    BTW beautiful photography work here. Do you use all natural light? I live in the darkest house. Just got an external flash, but not sure if that is helping. Back to reading the manual.

  2. dawn

    These look great Jill, love the first ones theme. So yummy and fresh fruit too. Lately my fruit doesn’t look that fresh but I buy it anyhow.

    Don’t worry about having all new ideas the old ones are sooooo cute you should use them again.

  3. Jill

    Thanks ladies!

    Laura – Yes, I shoot in all natural light. I too have an external flash, but I can’t seem to master it at all. I LOVE natural light.

    Party Artist – I bought the cute picks at All Things for Sale (there’s a link in my sidebar). They have lots of cute bento accessories and their shipping is quite reasonable.

  4. Andrea

    Wanted to tell you that I found your blog and I’m so inspired !

    Looking forward to reading more of your amazing posts.

    All the best from Iceland.


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