button Christmas tree

Here’s an adorable little craft that Kirsten and I did together on the weekend. We tried to get Cam to help us but he was more interested in dumping my bag of buttons and throwing them across the room…Grrr. I just love how bright and colourful this turned out. Here’s how we made it:

What you’ll need:

buttons – shades of green, bright colors for decoration and a couple brown for the trunk


1. using your ruler, draw a large triangle on your canvas very lightly in pencil. This will be your guideline for gluing your buttons on your tree.

2. cover the entire inside of the triangle with lots of glue. This way the kids can just put the buttons on and not have to worry about gluing first.

3. cover the entire triangle with green buttons

4. glue some bright and colorful buttons on top of the green buttons for your decorations

5. glue a couple brown buttons on the bottom for the trunk

6. allow the glue to dry and proudly display your masterpiece!

LOVE the 3D effect:


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