fun food friday: frosty the snowman

How about an adorable snowman lunch to go with the adorable snowman milk below? I just love the way this little snowman turned out. I love when an idea in my head actually comes out how I envision it. Frosty was actually really easy to make and will definitely be a Winter favourite for my kids. Here’s how I made this lunch:

Frosty is an open-faced ham and cheese sandwich – I used a circle cutter to cut the bread, meat and cheese into circles – the cheese layer of course is on top. Frosty is decorated with a fruit leather hat, icing eyes, carrot nose, sprinkle buttons, cucumber scarf and pretzel arms. I used a triangle silicone cup and filled it with yogurt and snowflake sprinkles.

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7 thoughts on “fun food friday: frosty the snowman

  1. Cari

    Just discovered your blog via Pintrest. Wow! What a resource. A big thanks to those of us who want to do crafts with our kids yet would be entirely lost without blogs like yours.

    Take care.


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