fun food friday: Joy to the World

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Ironically, this lunch was so not a joy to make! I thought it would be a great idea to have a string of Christmas lights at the top of this lunch for decoration, but it turned out to be a huge pain to make. The licorice lace wouldn’t bend how I wanted it and the sunflower seeds kept sliding around the plate. It would have worked much better on a flat plate. I still love the end result though. Bright, colourful, and Christmasy. Here’s how I made this lunch:

JOY letters are cheese quesadillas on spinach and plain tortillas. I’ve been making my quesadillas lately on my panini press using the flat grill plates and I love it. There’s no flipping because it grills both sides at the same time, so no mess. The letters are placed on top of silicone cups of blackberries, baby carrots and sliced bananas. There is also a licorice lace string of lights with chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

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9 thoughts on “fun food friday: Joy to the World

  1. dawn

    I LOVE LOVE THIS, your ideas just keep getting better. Thank you soooo much for all the fun your bring to me on your blog.

    I’m seriously going to hitch a ride on Santa’s sleigh and come for lunch. He must love seeing all your creations and put you on his NICE LIST!!

    Merry Christmas and hugs


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