fun food friday: santa’s little elf

Here’s a really cute lunch for the kiddos in the spirit of Christmas. This was really fun to make and the kids just loved it. They thought they had hit the jackpot getting a candy cane with their lunch too! That was a really special treat. Here’s how I made this lunch:

The elf was made by cutting a ham and cheese sandwich into a circle. I then placed another circle of cheese on top for the face. I decorated the face with icing eyes, a fruit leather nose and food safe markers. He has a spinach wrap and plain wrap hat. I used scissors to cut it out. He also has ears from the bread scraps. There’s a candy cane for the North Pole with a cheese and food marker sign. Snowflake sprinkles for decoration on the plate.

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12 thoughts on “fun food friday: santa’s little elf

  1. Pam

    I just stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest and LOVE it!! Can’t wait to try making your Kool-aid lip gloss! I’ve added you to my regular feeds, thanks for your great ideas!


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