fun food friday: snow globe angel

I had this great idea in my head to make a snow globe lunch and it was going to be fabulous. I hate when the things I make don’t quite look like how I had envisioned it. Don’t get me wrong, I still think this lunch is really sweet, I’m just not sure if you’d realize it was a snow globe if I didn’t tell you. So I’m telling you. It’s a snow globe. This lunch was actually pretty simple to make and the kids loved it. Here’s how I made it:

Snow globe is made out of a spinach and regular tortilla sandwich filled with ham and cheese. I used a circle cutter to make the snow globe and scissors to cut out the green bottom. The angel is made using lots of my mini bento cutters and it made out of cheese, ham and food safe markers. Sprinkle snowflakes for the snow part of the globe. Mozza cheese snowflakes and blackberries around the plate.

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7 thoughts on “fun food friday: snow globe angel

  1. dawn

    You still amaze me every week, so fun and creative these lunches are!!! Guess what? I collect snow globes, from tiny ones to big ones. How awesome this is, can I come to lunch???

    Have a good weekend, I’m sure your getting excited for the big day next week. I remember when mine were this young how much fun it was. Now that mine are tweens/teens it’s still fun but not the way it was when younger.
    Thank you for sharing and taking time for us.


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