handprint angel

And here’s yet another handprint Christmas craft. We’ve been doing lots of these this Christmas! Just Kirsten made this one. Her angel also doesn’t have any legs because, well, she didn’t want her to have any. Feel free to give your poor angel some legs! I guess Kirsten figured she didn’t need any because she can fly! Here’s how we made this craft:

What you’ll need:

cardstock – whatever shades you want to make your angel
white paint
googly eyes


1. cut some angel pieces out of your cardstock – a dress, a head, a halo, some hair

2. glue these pieces to your cardstock

3. paint both of your child’s hands white and have them stamp them on the page for the angel’s wings

4. glue on 2 googly eyes

5. use your sharpies to draw on the face details

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6 thoughts on “handprint angel

  1. Jenny

    Love this! I pinned it to my Pinterest to save. We haven’t done as many Christmas crafts as I had hoped, but we’ve been really busy since my husband just returned from a 7-month deploment last week. Hopefully we’ll settle back into a routine soon, and we can get some cute stuff done!


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