handprint rudolph

Here’s another handprint craft to add to our collection. We’ve done so many over the years and I just love them. The kids think these handprint reindeer are adorable and they just love seeing their artwork on display inside the house. Here’s how you make this super simple craft:

What you’ll need:

cardstock – brown, red, beige/off-white
googly eyes
brown paint

1. using a piece of brown cardstock, cut out a reindeer’s head and 2 ears.
2. glue the head and ears towards the bottom of your beige/off white piece of cardstock
3. using your red cardstock, cut out a nose and glue on your reindeer’s face
4. glue on 2 googly eyes
5. dip both of your child’s hands in brown paint and have them stamp them at the top of the reindeer’s head for the antlers
6. allow to dry

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