this week in bento boxes

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. In Kirsten’s lunch.” We’ve started making our Christmas lunches and we’re having a blast with it. Kirsten just loves the time we spend together making them and she loves bringing her special lunches to school. Here’s some of our lunches this week:

This was a cute little Frosty the Snowman lunch for her afternoon nutrition break. She got 2 circular ham and cheese sandwiches with a circle of mozza on top. Fruit leather, icing eyes, carrot and food safe markers decorate our snowman. She also had a container of carrot noses and a container of pretzel arms.

Here’s a cute little red and green bento for her morning nutrition break. She had sliced kiwis with pomegranate seeds, a container of vanilla yogurt with red sprinkles and a sliced cereal bar.

This little Christmas tree bento was for her afternoon nutrition break. She got half a chicken sandwich with a pea pod and pretzel tree. A cute little sprinkle star on the top. She also had a container of pretzel sticks and a container of unsweetened applesauce with tree sprinkles.

Here’s a snowflake bento for her afternoon nutrition break. She had half a turkey sandwich with mozza snowflakes on top. A container of crinkle cut cucumbers and a container of tomato reindeer noses.

Here’s another snowman bento. This time the snowman is made out of 2 large marshmallows and foot safe markers. She also had a clementine orange, a sliced cereal bar and a container of yogurt with snowman sprinkles.

And finally a Christmas lights bento for her afternoon nutrition break. She had half a ham and cheese sandwich with cheese, kiwi and fruit leather Christmas lights. She also had a container of pineapple and a container of crinkle cut cucumbers.

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11 thoughts on “this week in bento boxes

  1. dawn

    WOW these are awesome lunches. I love seeing all the xmasy in them. So glad Kirsten is having fun with you making them.

    I just noticed the cool background designs under your lunches and love that idea. Is it scrapbook paper? or a digital image?

    Thanks for sharing another week of yummy ideas.
    Hope your enjoying the holiday season!!
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Quirky Jessi

    I love, love, love bento boxes, so as you can imagine, I subscribe to a lot of bento blogs. I see a ton of very artistic, fun, awesome bentos daily….and that means I obviously adore your little snowman and snow pea tree.


    My favorite for this one was actually the kiwi/pom and yogurt/sprinkles box. I immediately saw a deconstructed Christmas tree (or wreaths) and a melted snowman, hehe. Anyway, I like that you have some that are very literal objects and others that are still festive without being overworked. :)

  3. Allison Reece

    Will you pack my lunch? Oh yum…I feel like a kid again. Okay… so I’m too old. Guess I’ll have to buy the bento boxes. Fab idea! Where have you been all this time?


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