ummm, Merry Christmas?

Not quite sure what to say about this one. Apparently my daughter is quite the cookie decorator. My sweet and innocent little 4-year old daughter made this gingerbread cookie for her daddy at a Christmas party. Ummm, what? Everyone was dying of laughter. What a proud mommy moment, lol. Fortunately she had no idea why everyone was laughing and didn’t quite get what she had done at all. Whew. This will be one of those things that will thoroughly embarrass her when she’s older. Ahhh, kids.

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32 thoughts on “ummm, Merry Christmas?

  1. Lauren

    The 12 year old inside of me can’t stop laughing!! So funny, thanks for sharing!!

    And I thought this was funny and wanted to tell you. I put my husband in charge of coming up with a crafty idea for his parents for Christmas. He googled crafty grandparent gifts and saved 3 links. 2 of the links were to your blog, so funny. We are going to attempt the snowman handprint ornaments tonight, fingers crossed!!

  2. SarahinSC

    Hahahaa!!! The innocence of children is wonderful! Wish I didn’t look at this and immediately think something naughty! Be sure to save this to show her when she’s grown and married!

  3. EB

    Oh my goodness that is priceless. I’m a fairly new reader of your blog and have made the thumbprint Christmas lights several times with my daughter this Christmas. I love love love your artwork and fun food. I’ll be doing the snowman milk very soon. It’s adorable!


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