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Here are some more bento’s from the archives. I’ll start posting new ones with some new bento boxes next week. I’m just trying to wean down my archive collection a little bit because I don’t want to miss any of the really cute ones. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

This outerspace bento was for Kirsten’s morning nutrition break. She had a container of outerspace goldfish crackers, a container of yogurt with a fruit leather spaceship with sprinkles and a container of blueberries with more outerspace goldfish. Even my little Cam thought this lunch was really cool. I wrapped the yogurt container in tin foil before packing it in her lunch bag.

Here is another morning bento. She had 2 baby bananas (I started the peel before I packed them in her lunch bag so she could easily peel them herself). Even though they have someone to help them with their lunches, Kirsten does not like to ask for help. If she can’t get to something herself, it’s likely to come home uneaten because she didn’t ask for help. It’s kind of frustrating. Anyway, she also had some green grapes with a frog pick and a cereal bar.

This was a bento for Kirsten’s afternoon nutrition break. She had half a turkey and cheese sandwich with an adorable little bumblebee on top. I cut the bumblebee out of cheese using a sandwich cutter I have. I used my food marker to draw on lines (rather bad lines I must say!), used an icing eye and some white tortilla wings. She also had a flower silicone muffin cup filled with clementine orange segments and another filled with yogurt. I wrapped the yogurt in tinfoil before packing this lunch in her bag.

This colourful little bento was for Kirsten’s morning nutrition break. She had some fruit salad with a cute little elephant pick, a cereal bar, and some pretzel sticks with cute little cheese birdies.

And lastly, another morning bento. She had some plain cheerios, a container of raspberries and blueberries with a frog pick and a container of yogurt with a fruit leather frog (using a bear cutter) and icing eyes. I wrapped the yogurt in tinfoil before packing it in her lunch bag.

On another note, it seems that my beloved lock and lock lunch box with the 4 separate trays is becoming very difficult to find. I have even heard a rumour that it is being discontinued. I certainly hope not because it’s a great little lunch box. They may have replaced it with this container:


It is the exact same size as the one I currently use, but they changed the word trays to divider. Whereas mine have 4 removable trays, these ones have a divider. I’m not sure if that means you can remove it, or whether it’s a permanent divider in the lunch box. If it’s permanent, I won’t like it quite as much as the older model because I often remove 2 of the trays to put half a sandwich in, or larger portions of a certain food. It is an option though. If anyone does in fact buy this can you PLEASE let me know what the inside of the box is like. Are the dividers fixed or can you remove them? Thanks!!

Here are some supplies I used to make these lunches. Click on the pictures to get to the actual product:

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18 thoughts on “bento boxes

  1. Melissa

    I love all of the bento boxes but the bee is especially cute! I also love all of the bright colors of the fruit. Healthy and fun! :) Thanks for the comments on the Lock & Lock boxes. I had been considering those exact ones but wasn’t sure about the “dividers” for yogurt and applesauce so I purchased the EasyLunchboxes Bento Lunch Box Containers (Amazon). Hopefully they’ll work out ok.

  2. Oh, How Happy We Are

    I love love love your blog. You are so inspiring. I also appreciate very much the Amazon links. My kids and I have tried a handful of your crafts. Our applesauce and cinnamon hears are drying as I type. Many thanks.

  3. artsy_momma

    You are like supermom- with all your crafts, fun food ideas, redesigning your own blog all while working full-time! I love how you match each bento box to it’s own background :)

  4. Carol

    I’m new to this bento box phenomenon…how on earth do you keep it looking so beautiful while transporting from home to preschool/school?!

  5. Justina

    I just ordered the 29 fl oz box, so I will let you know when it arrives what type of divider(s) or boxes it has in it. I have a couple of the other type with the 4 removable cups and I really like those. We’ll see how these come. Thanks for the lunch inspiration! I make “fun” lunches now for my preschooler (not as elaborate as yours of course) and she loves it!

  6. Jill

    Thank-you so much ladies!

    Carol – anything runny like applesauce or yogurt gets wrapped in tin foil before I pack it in the lunch bag. Otherwise the lunch boxes are a pretty tight fit in her lunch bag and her lunch bag stands upright in her backpack. I think they still look pretty good when she eats them, but I’m also not there to see them, lol. She says they look good.

    Justina – awesome! Please do tell me when you get it.

  7. LJ

    Absolutly amazing! This is the stuff of champions. I am young Mum in the Outback of Australia and constantly trying to come up with new fresh ideas for my 2 year old girl. Thank you so much for making mealtime fun again!

    :) Lauren

  8. Justina

    Jill – The 29 fl oz boxes have NOTHING in them! It’s just a square box with a seal and the lock down tabs. No divider at all, no removable cups. So glad I got the original ones that had the cups!!

  9. greatjencreations

    I just received the same sized box from All Things for Sale, and it has to separate, removable trays, each divided in half (so two squares). Not as cool as the four separate trays, but better than fixed dividers.

    Love your blog. Totally inspirational for me. Thanks a bunch for the amazing ideas.

  10. Jill

    Thanks ladies!

    Justina – that totally sucks. Did you order the one I had linked to? Because it totally says it has a divider. I would return it.

    greatjencreations – thanks for the update about the bento box you bought. That’s actually not too bad because I usually remove 2 trays (so in your case, 1 divider) to fit in a sandwich or something. I actually got an email from All Things for Sale yesterday telling me they are getting the one with the 4 removable trays (like I have) back in stock – maybe next week. So maybe they aren’t being discontinued? I’ll keep my eye out.

  11. Cathryn's Closet

    I keep checking this post for updates… my Daughter starts kindergarten in the fall and have been keeping an eye out for a four tray bento box. I will keep checking with my fingers crossed that the 4 tray bento box is found! Your boxes are so inspiring and I love how little waste goes in the garbage each day.


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