colored ice blocks

This is another awesome activity the kids and I did over Christmas break. We tried to keep busy every day to avoid going stir crazy inside the house. I have these awesome ice cube trays that shape the ice into perfect cubes. I figured they would make fun blocks for the kids with a little food colouring added to them. The kids had a blast. One word of caution though, the colours will run and will get on your kids outside clothes. I gave them dark coloured mitts to play with them so you couldn’t really tell if they were getting stained. Here’s how we made them:

What you need:

ice cube trays
food colouring


1. pour your water into your ice cube trays.

2. add food colouring into each cube and stir – you’ll want to make lots of different colours for more fun for your kiddos

3. put the trays in the freezer and allow to freeze completely

4. when frozen, pop them out into a bowl and bring them outside for stacking!


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22 thoughts on “colored ice blocks

  1. Becky

    Cool idea! And those are some big ice cubes! (I guess I need to buy bigger ice cube trays.) I also have read that you can “stick” the blocks together by using a paintbrush and some water.

  2. Jill

    Thanks ladies! Thank-you also for some of your great suggestions.

    Diana – the ice cubes are probably only a little bit bigger than regular ice cube size. They aren’t huge or anything.

  3. Tonii

    Jill, just wanted to let you know, I think this idea is SO fantastic! I did something very similar (with all credit to YOU of course) and am blogging it tomorrow. We made ours in snowflake shapes since we are learning about them this week and had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  4. sarah bryant

    You have so many great ideas! Where do you get your inspiration? I am constantly amazed and impressed by your creativity. :D My kids have a much more interesting childhood because their mommy gets to copy you. Lol.

  5. Jill

    Thanks ladies!

    Tonii – snowflakes sound awesome – what a great idea!

    Having fun – I got them on amazon – there’s a link at the bottom of the post.

    Sarah – lol, thanks! Some of the ideas are completely my own and some I tweak from all the amazing ideas there are out there. There is so much inspiration to be found out there!

  6. Casse-bonbec

    I’m a French mother of 2, and an English teacher for kids aged from 10 to 15, so I’m always eager for funny, easy-to-do, activities.

    This is an excellent idea. I’ll have a try !
    Thank you !


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