a fresh update

I decided to give Meet the Dubiens a mini makeover. January is always a great time for a fresh update. The pictures in my old header were over a year old and I really wanted to update my logo and buttons to display more of my style. I really love the results, and I’m pretty proud of myself. I have very little knowledge in the graphic design area and I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve created. It’s truly amazing to me what I’ve learned and managed to teach myself since I’ve started this blog. I’ve wanted to pay someone to re-do it so many times, but in the end I always convince myself that I can do it myself for free. Sometimes I like the results and sometimes I don’t. This time I LOVE them. What do you think?:

new header – pretty much the exact same thing, just updated the pics

My new buttons I made:

Meet the Dubiens
And what I’m most excited about are my new logos I made. These will replace the old logo I had on my pictures. I have a few depending on what type of pictures I’m taking. You won’t see these right away because I’ve done about a million crafts/meals that I haven’t posted yet and have my old logo on them, but slowly I’ll be incorporating them into my new stuff. LOVE THEM.


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23 thoughts on “a fresh update

  1. Dawn

    LOVE the updates! You are so creative. I really like your style. I work for a non profit, and have been slowly learning the graphics design side too…it’s fun, a challenge, and a great creative outlet.

  2. Melissa

    Love them all!! (but I also loved your old stuff too.) What software program did you design your new logos in? I love following your blog and have started doing fun food Fridays for my children too. Thanks for sharing all the fun creative things you do. You’re very inspiring!

  3. Rainbocow

    The new logos are cute but I am sad. I REALLY loved your old one and wished I had thought of it first so that I could use it on mine. Lol. It was cute and colorful.


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