fun food friday: cute little toadstools

As soon as I saw those cute little toadstool mushroom silicone baking cups, I just had to have them. Practical, no. Cute, yes. I do have an obsession with these sorts of things. My bento/fun food friday supplies are getting a little out of control, lol. Anyway, these lunch was really fun to make and really easy too. Here’s how I made it:

Big toadstool mushroom is 2 white tortillas cut into a mushroom shape using scissors. I filled it with peanut butter and spread strawberry jam on the outside. I used a tiny circle cutter to cut circles out of the leftover tortilla for the dots on the mushroom. I also used my food markers to draw on the face. The mushroom silicone cups are filled with applesauce and yogurt. I used one of my cute bento face cutters and cut faces out of fruit leather. Raspberries around the plate.

Here are some of the supplies I used to make these lunches (you can click on the pictures to take you to the website):

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5 thoughts on “fun food friday: cute little toadstools

  1. dawn

    Ok really, you just keep getting cuter ideas. It will be impossible to pick a favorite now. I really want to come over for lunch, soooo cute!!!

    My comment won’t go thru on your little snowmen but those were so adorable, have never thought to make little mini ones. I love the way you decorated them.

    Have a good weekend.


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