miniature snowmen

This was a great Winter activity the kids and I did while on Christmas break. We actually don’t have a lot of snow yet this Winter, which is definitely out of the norm for where I live in Canada. It’s been one of the mildest Winters we’ve had in a long time. We really didn’t have enough snow for the big snowmen, so we gathered up some cute supplies inside and headed out to make mini snowmen. The kids thought it was super fun. We decorated them with lids for hats, ribbon scarfs, stick arms and I used markers to draw on the details. It was a great Winter activity.


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22 thoughts on “miniature snowmen

  1. Mommy Of 3

    Aren’t snowy days the BEST photo ops? I am really cherishing your blog. I LOVE your photography more than anything (aside from the obvious). I have a cannon rebel. I LOVE IT! I also just received two new lenses for Christmas, so I am trying to learn them, but for some reason you seem to be better at photography. LOL! Do you have classes underneath your belt?

  2. sweet and lovely crafts

    Those are so adorbale. I’ve been wanting to make some mini snowmen too. We don’t even have enough snow to do that now. Luckily I think we should be able to do it tomorrow afternoon. I love the hats that you used!

  3. Elmo11

    :) Your little snowmen remind me that when I was a kid (about 5 years old) when I was ill and I could not go outside when first snow was outside my mum took this snow to the bucket and bring me it to home. I put my gloves and made the same small snowmen at home :) Than I put it to the fridge :) ) Thank You for a nice memories ;)

  4. muddledmom

    These are really cute. We don’t get a ton of snow where we are, so all of our snowmen are on the small side. But I love your idea of caps for hats and markers for details. You have such a fun site. So inspiring. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I love your lunchbox ideas. And boy, do I need inspiration!

  5. Sheri

    Hi Jill! So cute! I love your blog, I found a photo on Pinterest and it led me here! Awesome ideas, I love crafting with my kids so I’ll for sure be trying out some of your ideas! From your newest follower (and fellow Canadian!)

  6. Jill

    Thank-you so much ladies! Unfortunately (or fortunately for my kids) we now have enough snow for the big guys. LOTS of snow fell on Friday. Boo.

    Mommy of 3 – Thank-you so much. I have never taken a photography class, it’s all self-taught. I practice as much as I can and I’ve read a lot.

  7. SmallTownLife

    What a great idea. Sadly, I saw this after our snow melted. We’re going to whip up some winter playdough this week though, so I’m going to introduce this idea to my boys using that instead of actual snow. Thanks for all the fantastic ideas!


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