play doh lid bird feeders

When I saw these on Silly Eagle Books last Winter, I immediately bookmarked it because I knew my kiddos would have a blast making these. This craft was so much fun and the kids are still having fun weeks later checking every day to see if there are any birds at their feeders. We saved our play doh lids for a few months (yes, we go through this much play doh) and made these awesome bird feeders. They look awesome hanging outside from our trees. Thanks Vanessa for another awesome craft idea. Check Vanessa’s play doh bird feeders out here . Here’s how we made them:

What you’ll need:

play doh lids
yarn or string
glue gun
peanut butter
bird seed


1. lay out all your play doh lids

2. using your scissors, cut pieces of yarn or string that you will use to hang your feeders

3. using your glue gun, glue the yarn or string to the back of the play doh lid (the indented part will be the part you want available for the peanut butter and bird seed). Allow to dry.

4. fill the indented part of the play doh lid with peanut butter and then press it into some birdseed. If you’re my kids, you may taste some of the bird feeders. I *think* he only ate the peanut butter, lol. Repeat for however many feeders you’re making.

5. get your feeders all together and bring them outside and hang on your trees.


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20 thoughts on “play doh lid bird feeders

  1. Marco Alpha

    Hello Jill,
    What a fantastic idea to make this!! Nice with all the different colors.
    It’s funny to do and the birds in the garden are happy with it. I go try to do it..!!

    Greetings, Marco

  2. Jill

    Thank-you so much ladies!

    Vanessa – the squirrels haven’t gotten to them yet…. but I’m sure it will be inevitable!

    hberries71 – I read another reader somewhere mention sunflower seed butter??

  3. CSGirl

    The squirrels totally made off with all 12 of ours.
    I also used the play-dough cups. Poked a hole in the bottom, pushed string through and tied a knot. And then we covered the whole outside of the cup in peanut butter and rolled it in the seeds. My 4 year old daughter LOVED this and keeps finding cups and lids we can use to make more!

  4. Jill

    CSGirl – ha! Silly squirrels – I guess they have to eat too, right?!?

    Andrea – my daughter goes to a peanut free school too so that’s a great idea to use in schools.

  5. Margo

    Love this idea. I have a bird feeding post close to the playroom window. My kids love watching the birds, so this is our project for the afternoon. Thanks!


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