this week in bento boxes

Okay, the title is kind of a lie. These bento boxes were made quite a while ago, but I’ve got so many of them to post! I’ve actually purchased some new bento boxes that I’m excited to show you guys but want to finish posting some of these older ones first. Thank-you all for your well wishes for my little Cam. He’s actually starting to feel so much better. Unfortunately I’ve now caught something and am a little under the weather. It’s tough looking after your sick kiddos when you’re sick too. Anyway, here are the bento’s:

Here’s an adorable little piggy bento she had for her afternoon nutrition break. She had half a ham and cheese sandwich and then I used some of my tiny cutters to cut a piggy out of the ham. I used my food safe markers and sprinkles to decorate him. She had had some crinkle cut cucumbers and a peeled clementine.

This was a really simple bento I made for her morning nutrition break. She had a cereal bar, a container of chocolate graham goldfish and a container of plum and pomegranate seeds with a cute little bear pick.

Here’s a cute little bento she had for her afternoon nutrition break. She had a whole wheat tortilla with turkey and cheese cut into 3 sections and held together with cute little animals picks. She also had a container of baby carrots and a container of graham crackers with a cute little bunny shaped cheese.

Here’s another bento for her afternoon nutrition break. She had a babybel cheese with a cute little fish shape cut out of the wax, a container of goldfish crackers, a container of turkey bologna roll-ups, and a container of baby carrots.

And finally, another morning nutrition break bento. She had a banana that I decorated with cute flower stickers (start the banana peel on the back so little fingers can peel it easily), a container of graham crackers with a fruit leather and sprinkle flower, and a container of red grapes.

Here are some of the supplies I used to make these lunches – click on the pictures to take you to the links:

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24 thoughts on “this week in bento boxes

  1. Kristina

    I’m so glad I found your blog! These are really cute little boxes. I wonder at what age a child would appreciate the work it takes to make these food items this adorable! I have a 13-month old and can’t wait to do things like this for her, but I’m sure right now my hard work would go unnoticed!

  2. Jill

    Thanks ladies!

    Rubinelime – I use the term nutrition break because that is what they are called at her school. She doesn’t get a larger lunch and smaller snack breaks, they have 2 balanced nutrition breaks.

    Kristina and April – I only started making the bento boxes when my daughter started JK at age 4. I’ve been making fun food fridays since Kirsten was 3, and she really loved them when I started them. My little guy has been getting them since the age of 2 and he appreciates them too!

  3. Jill

    Corrie – I keep the banana in the peel and just slightly peel it at the back so she can easily peel it herself. The ends might turn a little brown before she eats it, but she doesn’t seem to mind, lol. Kirsten is not my picky child! I think she’d eat just about anything, lol.

  4. April@ Natural Nester

    Thanks Jill! I need to start hunting for cute supplies to make fun meals for my daughter! Today I made her tortilla roll ups which she promptly dis-assembled and threw the tortilla away…guess I’ll keep looking at your ideas and trying new things! LOL

  5. Fay

    Hello, I love your picture. I want to write about the lunchbox, can I take some pictures from your blog if I put your link ?? Thanks to answer at petit.fourbi @ gmail . com

  6. Jill

    April – Ha! I guess she doesn’t like tortillas yet. Keep trying. Sometimes it takes kids a few introductions before they become more open to trying it.

    Fay – sure you can use some pictures!

  7. KMG1226

    Jill- I love your bento box lunches and wanted to try them for my 1st Grader. I ordered the Lock and Lock box that you link to but mine did not come with the inserts? Did you order those separately or did I order the wrong container? Amazon was sold out so I ordered directly from Lock and Lock.

    Thanks so much for such a great blog!

  8. Jill

    Thanks ladies!

    KMG – the ones I ordered came with the 4 trays. I think you probably ordered the wrong one. These little lunch boxes are selling out everywhere. They are really hard to find!

  9. Jill

    KMG – I heard a rumour that they are discotinuing the lock and lock with the 4 trays for one with a divider instead. I hope it’s not true. I posted a link in my bento post today to a new lock and lock box. I am going to start posting lunches with my new bento boxes next week and I’ll definitely share the link for them. They’re pretty cheap too!

  10. Cutie Patootees

    I absolutely love your lunch ideas! I ordered bento lock boxes for my daughters and little egg molds and they just came today. I’m so excited to try them out tomorrow! You have also inspired me to order some picks and cute cutters. Can’t wait for them to get here. I normally hate packing lunches but looking at your ideas makes me want to pack school lunches. I’ve just done a couple of little things like drawn a smiley face on their banana and cut some shapes out of fruit leather but I get so excited to see my children’s reactions when they get home. I would LOVE to win the bento set that you’re giving away–I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Thank you for all your great ideas and pictures.

  11. Steph

    As a toddler Mommy who is still learning to be a better & more creative cook (my toddler sure inspries me to try!), getting my finicky little one to try new things and my ability to tempt and delight him with nutritious food have been a source of insecurity, especially when I see how easily family cooking comes to many of my friends. Mamas such as yourself and creative friends are such an inspiration! I am thrilled with your beautifully-presented ideas, which, I am sure, would encourage the pickiest kid to try something new. I would of course love to win your giveaway in the ongoing pursuit of making my child’s meals enticing and delightful, and to encourage more adventurousness and variety, both in my preparing and in his eating. I think these colorful tools would really help do the trick! I have ‘liked’ you on facebook so my other pals can see your amazing ideas, too! Thank you so much for sharing.
    Warmly, Stephanie K.(stephanie_boylan@yahoo.com)


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