conversation heart kisses

These adorable little Hershey Kisses with stickers were very popular on the internet last Valentine’s Day. I decided to make some of my own this year for my kiddos to give out for Valentine’s Day. I love the look of conversation hearts because they are so darn cute, but don’t really love the taste of them. My solution was to add a conversation heart sticker to the bottom of the Hershey’s Kiss – and who doesn’t love Hershey’s kisses?!?! We put 3 of these little kisses in a small bag and the kiddos and I made some tags using their adorable little thumbprints for the hearts. I think their friends are going to love these. Now I made these stickers to fit the bottom of a Hershey’s kiss – which is 3/4″. Try and get your hands on a 3/4″ punch if you can. I couldn’t find one and as you can see, they aren’t perfect. Not that the kids will care, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

Here’s how we made them:

What you’ll need:

Hershey’s kisses
my free printable labels
sticker paper
3/4″ punch

To make the treat bags and labels:

small plastic baggies
white cardstock
3″ scalloped paper punch
red and pink paint
black sharpie

Here is what my free printable stickers look like:

Get your own free labels here


1. print out my free printable conversation heart stickers on sticker paper

2. using a 3/4″ paper punch, punch out the stickers

3. attach the stickers to the bottom of your Hershey’s kisses

4. grab some white cardstock and using your 3″ scalloped punch, punch out some scalloped circles

5. have your children stamp their thumbs using the red and pink paint on the scalloped circles turning their thumbs into heart shapes

6. using the black sharpie, write a little Valentine’s message on the label and allow the paint to dry

7. put a few kisses in a plastic baggie and tape the label on the top.


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10 thoughts on “conversation heart kisses

  1. Kim

    Hi Jill, I have been following your adorable blog (and Facebook page!) and I LOVE your crafty ideas. Where did you purchase your scalloped punch? I am in Toronto..I looked at Micheals a few weeks ago for one and couldn’t find it?

    Thanks! Kim

  2. Jill

    Thank-you so much ladies!

    Kim – I actually purchased the scalloped punch off of Amazon – the same exact one I linked to at the bottom of the post. I live in Canada, but in a city that borders with the U.S. That means I can easily shop off Amazon and ship it there. I’m really surprised that Michael’s wouldn’t have it. Maybe Walmart or Target would have them??


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