fun food friday: lovebird the lunch

Remember the lovebird craft we made last Valentine’s day? Well I turned that little lovebird into a lovely little lunch. It was super easy to make and the kiddos thought it was super cute. Making the craft and then making the lunch would be a great afternoon activity for kiddos for Valentine’s day.

Here’s how I made it:

The lovebird is made using 2 white tortillas with chicken and cheese – I used my comfort grip heart cutter to cut the body out. I used a smaller heart cutter to cut the wing out of fruit leather and the tail feather out of cheese. I used an even smaller heart cutter to cut the head feathers out of cheese, the beak out of fruit leather and the feet out of fruit leather. I used licorice laces for the legs and an icing eye. There was also a silicone muffin cup filled with yogurt with heart sprinkles and one filled with fresh raspberries.

Here’s what I used (or similar) to make this lunch:

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4 thoughts on “fun food friday: lovebird the lunch

  1. April@ Natural Nester

    Ok, I definitely have to make this for my toddler!! She LOVES birds right now and insists on eating nearly every meal on her “bird plate” that we picked up at Target. She would LOVE this!

    Thank you so much for sharing this inspiration, week after week…you’re amazing!


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