i love you beary much – Valentine’s plates

With all the fun the kids and I have had making Valentine’s for their friends, I wanted to make them something special for Valentine’s day. I had some brown paper plates left over from Camden’s 2nd birthday party and then this idea popped into my head. These paper plates made the cutest bear plates ever. Attach a special Valentine’s message to them – “we love you beary much!” and your kiddos will get a huge kick out of it. You can serve your kiddo anything on their special Valentine’s plate. Maybe even serve all their meals that day on it. I can’t wait to give them to the kids on Valentine’s Day with a special heart-shaped cookie Valentine treat on them. Want to make your kiddo their very own special Valentine’s plate?

Here’s how I made them:

What you’ll need:

2 brown paper plates
brown cardstock
beige cardstock
red or pink cardstock
1 inch paper punch
2 inch paper punch
small heart paper punch
3 inch scallop paper punch
black, red/pink sharpie
googly eyes
a Valentine’s treat – I used heart shaped sugar cookies with sprinkles


1. place some glue on the upper rim of 1 paper plate and press the bottom back rim of the other paper plate on top
2. using your scissors, cut 2 arms and 2 legs out of your brown cardstock. Glue these to the back of the paper plates.
3. using your 2 inch paper punch, punch 2 circles out of your brown cardstock and glue them on your bear for ears.
4. also using your 2 inch paper punch, punch 1 circle out of your beige cardstock and glue on the bear’s face.
5. using your 1 inch paper punch and your red or pink paper, punch out 2 rosy cheeks and glue on your bear’s face.
6. using your heart paper punch and red or pink paper, punch out 1 heart and glue on for your bear’s nose
7. use your black sharpie and draw on a mouth
8. glue on two googly eyes
9. using your beige cardstock and scalloped punch, punch 1 piece out. Write a special Valentine’s message on it – We love you beary much! and glue to your bear’s hand.
10. serve your kiddo a special Valentine’s day treat on their special bear plate.


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9 thoughts on “i love you beary much – Valentine’s plates

  1. Jamy

    How easy are those Fiskars to use? I’m dying to get one, just wondering how difficult they are to operate. Is it something that your daughter could use? My son would love to help me use it with crafts!

  2. Jill

    Thanks ladies!

    Jamy – I really like the fiskars punches. I have 4 of them. My 4 year old daughter can use them with a little help, but they are still a little to hard for my 3 year old. You have to squeeze the handles together to cut the paper and sometimes they need a little help squeezing. I love them though.

  3. Bookerson

    I am having fun reading your blog. I am new to being a sahm. Left the ‘work’ world to the real work world. Taking care of my kids. I would love to do more crafts with them. (3 years and 1 year). What are some good things to have, if I wanted to have a crafting kit? Things that I could use to do different crafts. Any suggestions?

  4. Jill

    Thanks ladies!

    Bookerson – things are some things I use on a regular basis – glue or gluestick, safety scissors, googly eyes, paints, crayons, markers, paper. Those are the basics. Other fun stuff are glitter, pipecleaners, stickers, craft foam, buttons. I probably have about every craft supply ever made! I hope that helps!


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