tissue paper hearts

The kids and I made this huge tissue paper heart on the weekend and it looks pretty awesome. I cut squares out of some red, white and pink tissue paper, drew a heart in pencil on a large piece of canvas, covered the heart in glue and the kids scrunched up the tissue paper and placed it inside the heart. They did such a great job. Kirsten especially. She is getting very meticulous to detail and wanted all the tissue paper pieces inside the lines. She would actually get frustrated with Camden if he would scrunch the pieces too small, lol. She’s a little anal like her mother! Here’s how you can make this super cute Valentine’s craft:

What you need:

tissue paper – red, white, 2 shades of pink
large canvas


1. using your scissors, cut small squares (maybe 2″ x 2″) out of all of your coloured tissue paper

2. using your pencil, lightly draw a heart shape on your canvas

3. squirt some glue inside the heart and spread it around so it covers all areas of the heart

4. lightly scrunch 1 piece of tissue paper at a time and press it onto the glued part inside the heart. Repeat, alternating the colours.

The 3-D-ness of the tissue paper is really cool.

And this is how my poor little Cam has been spending most of the week. The poor little guy had an ear infection last month, then got strep throat, and is now coming down with something again. I feel soooo bad for him. Feel better soon little guy.


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8 thoughts on “tissue paper hearts

  1. Our Family of Four

    I am so glad blogger has finally fixed it to where I can comment again on those blogs that have the post embedded at the bottom! This is such a cute idea, heck all of your ideas are brillant! I might let my two tackle these soon. I hope your little man feels better soon.

  2. Modern Mommy

    I love crafts that let me hone in on my anal retentiveness. I totally get Kirsten’s need to stay in the lines. Unfortunately I can’t get annoyed with my little girl, after all the craft is for her benefit not mine. I’ll definitely be making this one! A great way to use up all of the pink tissue paper in the house.

  3. Jill

    Thanks so much ladies!

    Mommy of 3 – I used an actual piece of art work canvas. I like to hang seasonal art work of my kids in my living room so we do them on canvas for more durability throughout the years.


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