button rainbows

Here’s yet another craft to satisfy my button obsession. I tried to get Cam to make a button rainbow, but he really had no interest in it what so ever. He finds throwing buttons across the room much more fun! Kirsten had fun sorting all the button colours and then she glued the button on all by herself. My little girl is growing up and just loves doing things all by herself now. Here is how we made this:

What you’ll need

buttons – in rainbow colours


1. sort your buttons into different coloured piles
2. glue your buttons on the canvas in a rainbow pattern

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8 thoughts on “button rainbows

  1. Mrs. J. and Miss J.

    The rainbow is so adorable. We used to keep a ton of buttons for all kinds of projects. We just went through our things last week to reduce some of our crafting supplies as they were getting out of hand. Garage sales are a great way to find things not so expensive, but then we have to learn where to draw the line. It is just so much fun creating all kinds of things.


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