chickie masks

On to the Easter crafts, and trust me, I have quite a few to post. I had some leftover yellow paper plates from one of the kids birthday parties and thought they would make adorable little chickies. They were beyond simple to make, needing only a few things. Once they dried, the kiddos had fun playing with them. They used the chicks as both masks and puppets. We made them a couple weeks ago and they’re still playing with them, although a few parts have had to be re-glued in all the fun. Here is how we made them:

What you’ll need:

yellow paper plates – or paint regular ones yellow
googly eyes
orange craft foam
popsicle sticks

1. using your scissors, cut a small triangle nose our of your orange craft foam

2. glue 2 googly eyes and the orange nose on the front of the paper plate. Allow to dry.

3. Once the face is dry, flip your plate over and glue a popsicle stick and feathers on the back. Allow to dry.

Have fun!


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