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We all went to see The Lorax in the theatre on the weekend and it was absolutely fabulous. The kiddos were so well behaved, their eyes fixated on the screen the entire movie. James and I thought it was really great too. I think it will definitely be a family favourite once it comes out on video. Kirsten asked me if we could make a Lorax craft on the weekend, and I happily obliged. Of course, my hand always goes to handprint crafts, and this was no exception. I figured her handprints would make a perfect moustache for our little Lorax. I think it turned out pretty cute, but her hands are also getting pretty big for crafts like this. It might have looked a little better with Cam’s smaller hands, but he really hasn’t wanted much to do with crafts lately. He’s a busy little guy and doesn’t like sitting still for long to do the crafts. He usually gives me about 3 minutes of craft time, and then he’s on to something else! Here is how we made this craft:

What you’ll need:

cardstock – 1 large white 12×12, orange, yellow, white
yellow paint
paint brush
black and green sharpie


1. using your scissors, cut a Lorax body shape out of your orange cardstock. Glue this on your large white 12×12 sheet.

2. also using your scissors, cut a nose out of your orange cardstock, 2 eyebrows out of your yellow cardstock, and 2 eyes out of your white cardstock. Glue these pieces on your lorax.

3. using your green and black sharpie, colour in the eyes

4. paint your child’s hands with the yellow paint and have them stamp their hands on the Lorax to create his moustache. Allow to dry.

5. using your black sharpie, write the quote on your creation – “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Such a great quote from the movie!!

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