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We have more of an Easter theme going on again this week. Unfortunately my little Kirsten was sick a few days this week, so a few of these lunches were either enjoyed at home, or not eaten at all. My poor little girl didn’t feel like eating much for a couple days. I’ve been under the weather myself so even I didn’t feel like eating them. It’s tough when both the parents and kids are sick. The kids are actually feeling quite a bit better – me, not so much. I think it takes this poor old mama a little extra time to get better. Here are are bentos:

This little bunny is nearly identical to the one I showed yesterday for Fun Food Friday. They really are beyond simple to make. She had a chicken sandwich cut into a circle and I stuck a bunny lip pop pick in the sandwich. Icing eyes and sliced apple ears. The top tier held baby carrots.

Here is a different kind of bunny bento than the one above. I laid down some romaine lettuce and used my bunny cutter to make a bunny turkey sandwich. Icing eye and marshmallow tail. The top tier held a small silicone cup of Annie’s Bunnies fruit snacks and some baby carrots.

And yet another different bunny bento. This one had a ham sandwich cut into a circle shape with a cute cheese bunny cut-out on top. I used my food safe markers to draw on the details. The bottom tier also held a peeled clementine with a cute bunny pick. The top tier held some baby carrots and a cute little bunny container with ranch dressing.

This is more of a Spring bento than an Easter bento. I used a square silicone cup and molded into the bento box. It held a sliced cereal bar. The bottom tier also had crackers and tulip shaped cheese. The top tier had sliced strawberries and kiwis with a cute pick.

And lastly, another bunny bento in the 4 square lock and lock bento. She had half a chicken sandwich. On top of the chicken sandwich were 2 cheese bunnies with food marker details, heart sprinkle noses and a fruit leather heart. The other containers held silicone cups with baby carrots and blueberries.

Here are the items (or similar) that I used to make these lunches:

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