fun food friday: it’s mater!

This may be the last fun food friday post for a bit, unless I get my act in gear. I had so many fun food friday posts saved on my old computer, and well, they’re gone now. It bums me out so much, I’ve kind of lost my motivation for now. I only have this one because it was on my camera’s memory card. This was the one I was supposed to post last week. Hopefully I’ll feel inspired to make more fun food friday’s this week – no promises though. I think I need to stop being angry and start getting productive again. It’s just so frustrating knowing how many I’ve lost :-( Anyway, this fun food friday was for my little man. He’s a big fan of cars, so I knew he would love this sandwich. It all started with the bunny lip pops a couple weeks ago, and then I remembered that I had those same lollipops with mater teeth on them. Cam got a couple in his stocking at Christmas. I saved the teeth for some reason and had no idea what I was going to do with them, but knew there must be something. So glad I came across the brilliant idea to use them for bento and sandwiches. Making a mater sandwich is still a little bit of work and cutting, but the teeth just give it that extra something special without any effort at all. Anyone who knows me, knows I love the easy way. Quick, easy and fun is generally my motto. I don’t really have instructions on how to make mater. It was more or less a ham and swiss cheese sandwich, that I turned into mater by using a knife and a lot of cutting. The crust was used for details like the bumper, wheels, mirrors, etc. I used 2 cucumber mini circles for the eyes and a swiss cheese circle for mater’s 1 good headlight. The mater teeth brought it all together simply and easily. They stick right into the sandwich and stay there nicely until your kiddo takes it out. They are washable and reusable and just perfect! Here’s what they look like:


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14 thoughts on “fun food friday: it’s mater!

  1. Melissa Davidson

    Sorry you lost the contents of your computer! What can we say to help you get your motivation back, because I for one REALLY LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!! It has inspired me so much. Now, I am a newbie to your site, so there are plenty of archives to look through. So, no pressure. But get that mojo back because your artistic instinct rocks. Really.

  2. Camilla

    Jill, you are FANTASTIC! You can make funny magic with any food!
    I admire a lot your arts! Is my inspiration!

    Kisses from your brazilian fan,


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