fun food friday: the no tools required bunny lunch

Lots of people want to make fun foods for their kids, but think they can’t because they don’t have any fancy cookie cutters, cute little picks, or colorful silicone cups. Although having that stuff certainly doesn’t hurt in the cute food department, it’s certainly not essential either. You can definitely make your kiddos an easy and adorable lunch using nothing but a regular kitchen knife. This sweet little bunny sandwich is a perfect example of that. I didn’t use any fancy tools and I was able to throw this lunch together in just a couple quick minutes. Anyone can make this easy lunch for their kiddos. Here is how I made it:

Half a toasted English muffin with peanut butter. 2 blueberry eyes, a sliced strawberry nose, matchstick carrot whiskers and sliced apple ears. Couldn’t be easier and the kids loved it!

Happy Friday everyone!

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5 thoughts on “fun food friday: the no tools required bunny lunch

  1. Runde's Room

    Very cute, Jill. I guess I could be persuaded to have a “silly food Saturday” (Katie’s nickname) tomorrow. Now, stop blogging and go work on that cheesecake. See you tonight!


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