fun food friday: say cheeeeese

Okay, so I know I said last week’s fun food friday might be the last one for awhile. I lost a lot of fun food friday’s I had already made when my computer’s hard drive crashed, and to be totally honest, I’ve been lacking some motivation there for awhile too. I’m sure I’ll jump back on the band wagon again soon. I did find some motivation this week though… I was at the bulk store last weekend, when I saw another kind of lip pops. It was like it was fate. As soon as I saw this cheesy little smile, I had to scoop it right up. Kirsten had Spring picture day at school this week, and I thought it would be hilarious to make her a huge cheesey-faced smile sandwich. Kirsten tends to do pretty cheesey smile herself when she is forced to smile, lol. Both of the kids thought this was really cute. If you haven’t seen my posts, I’ve made quite a few lunches lately using the leftover plastic piece from lip pop lollipops. I think they’re really great. Those posts can be seen here and here.

Here’s how I made this lunch:

Chicken and cheese sandwich cut into circle shape. Fruit leather eyebrows, cheese and fruit leather eyes, lip pop smile, and carrot stick hair. Super easy and a hit with the kids!


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