grasshead ladies

I have bad news about my computer. Nothing could be recovered. My hard drive malfunctioned and everything was wiped clean. I’m definitely learning my lesson the hard way. I’ve spent the last few days trying to get some posts back together. I was very thankful that I have the last month’s worth of pictures on my camera memory card. That helped a lot. But I lost so many pictures, photoshop actions and brushes, purchased clip art, storyboard and blog frames, blog posts, etc. I always knew I should back up my stuff more often, but life always got in the way. Now that I’ve lost so much, I realize that I should never be too busy to do a backup. Ughhh. I hate learning lessons the hard way. Anyway, enough about my whining, and onto the craft. Here’s a great craft for earth day that uses recycled materials around the house.. We used empty yogurt drink containers and turned them into pretty ladies. Kirsten really enjoyed this craft and has enjoyed watching her grass grow. We bought some awesome soil/seed mix by Scott’s and the grass grew in no time. That stuff was amazing. Here are the instructions to make your own:

What you’ll need:

empty yogurt drink containers
scrap fabric
googly eyes
glitter glue
glue gun
grass seed/soil


1. remove labels and wash and dry your yogurt containers

2. decorate your little ladies however you want. We used fabric scraps, googly eyes and glitter glue. I hot glued the fabric and googly eyes on for quicker drying.

grasshead lady1
3. put some soil/grass seeds in your empty container and water it.

4. place your container in a sunny place and water as needed.

5. your little grass lady will have hair to style in no time!


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15 thoughts on “grasshead ladies

  1. Jackie

    Love this idea…I am doing plants/seed activities with my grandkids this week so these are much appreciated.

    So sorry to hear about the hard drive, I have lost stuff in the past so now I am a backup freak. I have backup’s of my backups.

    Love your blog.

  2. Jamy

    Sorry about all your lost stuff… I am so bummed to hear that. That is a huge fear of mine and my pictures aren’t NEARLY as amazing as yours! Cute recycled craft!

  3. cbryan

    I had a slight breakdown when my external hard drive crashed, it was pretty awful. So many photos and videos!! It’s been a few months, and I still haven’t brought it in to see if anything can be saved. Eh.

    I’ve seen similar grass people at the store but I think yours are so much cuter!

  4. Unknown

    So sorry to hear of your hard drive. You may want to try a cloud back-up service like backblaze. I think we pay $5 a month for unlimited storage and it backs up automatically in the background. It’s been fantastic for us! Good luck and I enjoy your posts!

  5. sweet and lovely crafts

    That sucks so much about your hard drive. I lost about 3 months of stuff a while ago that I lost when our external broke. Now when I back up my stuff I burn it and put it on the external. It’s such a pain I don’t do it enough- but I know I should!

    This is a cute craft. The kids would love seeing the grass grow, but I fear Simon would dump it all out!

  6. dawn

    So sorry to hear about your computer, was hoping it wouldn’t be so bad. I lost soooo many things from my files also, lots of fun ideas that were bookmarked to do with kids this summer, all gone. Starting over now and learned my lesson the hard way also.

    These are cute and fun. Love that you just use the everyday things we have in our house. Thanks for always inspiring us and making things fun.
    Sending you big hugs and smiles!!!

  7. Aimee

    Ouch – we have all learned the hard way I think. I am so very sorry for all of your losses. I too have lost all of those things in the past. These are adorable and I can’t wait to give these a try with Mady!

  8. Lori

    So sorry to hear about your computer. I had issues with an external hard drive crashing a few years ago but thankfully was able to recover everything. I can’t imagine how dissapointed you must be. I have been subscribing to Carbonite since I had my issue. It runs in the background and automatically backs up everything. I even have a Carbonite app on my phone and can access all my computer files from there. I think it costs about $50 a year to subscribe.

  9. Mrs. Walsh's Class

    You have every right to whine! Actually, I would have whined way more than you. So sorry about losing everything…eeeek.
    These recycled ladies are so dang cute! As is everything you come up with:)
    Hang in there…

  10. Jill

    Thank-you so much ladies! I really don’t mean to keep complaining about it, but I’m so bummed. Thank-you so much for listening and offering some amazing suggestions. I’ll definitely check them out.

  11. Michelle

    Hi! These are soo stinkin cute!! As soon as my daughter saw these she said we gotta make them! I know exactly how you feel about the computer I had the same thing happen to me!! It takes a little while to get over being bummed but once I did I realized I’m starting fresh like springtime, I’ve learned a lesson the hard way which made me realize my daughter is going to have many of those in her growing up years so the more prepared and “go with the flow” I am the better I will be for her, of course I would have much rather spent the money on something else but now I have a fancy new computer just waiting for all the magic that I’m going to create. I know you can create amazing things even if all you had was some dirt, old containers, scraps and a fresh pair of googly eyes :) sending you big hugs! Michelle from http://www.mommyspinkielipgloss.blogspot.com


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