Playdoh chicks

This was a really fun activity we did a couple weekends ago to spend some time in the afternoon. We just grabbed some playdoh, feathers, craft foam and googly eyes and made ourselves some little chicks for Easter. This was really fun and kept the kiddos occupied for hours. I swear these kids would play with playdoh every hour of the day if they could. Here are some pics of their fun:


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9 thoughts on “Playdoh chicks

  1. Fara


    I have to tell you that I owe you BIG TIME! You inspired me to make beautiful lunches for my 6 years daughter, who was not eating at all on school and suddenly is devouring every single flower or heart I put in her lunch bag! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that earlier, but the thing is that I saw your blog and fall in love with each and every idea, take out all the cookie cutters I got on hand to make the test and it worked!!! I am so happy, she have been eating all her lunches for two weeks in a row! Now I will start to buy all the things you recommend! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!

    You got here a SUPER FAN!
    If you need anything from me I am at your service.


  2. Jill

    Thank-you so much Fara! I am thrilled that my little lunches have helped your daughter want to eat more. I have 1 really good eater and 1 really picky eater. I have no doubt that the cute foods help my little guy eat just a little more sometimes too. I’m so happy it’s helped you!


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