a smoothie for my peeps

Or should that be a peep for my smoothie, lol? I was making smoothies for the kids last weekend and decided to turn them a little Easter-ish. Nothing says Easter like peeps. I’m really not too much of a fun myself, but the kids think they’re adorable and tasty. I mean they’re not only cute, but it’s a big sugar-coated marshmallow! I also added a huge dollop of whipped cream with some colourful rainbow sprinkles. Yum! Here’s the smoothie recipe I made:


1 cup strawberry yogurt
2 cups frozen strawberries
milk to desired consistency – about 1 cup
whipped cream

1. blend up the yogurt, frozen strawberries and milk until desired consistency is reached

2. pour into a cup/glass and garnish with some whipped cream, sprinkles and a peep

3. serve to your kiddos with a straw


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