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Don’t forget to enter my amazing bento giveaway here if you haven’t already. It closes on April 24th. I think it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve shared some bento boxes. I lost a very large collection of bento boxes I had made when my hard drive crashed. I was really bummed, but I do make so many of these every week, I knew I could recover this weekly post pretty quickly. Some of the bento boxes this week have an Earth Day theme – to celebrate Earth day today! Kirsten really got a kick out of her Earth day lunches this week because they were celebrating Earth day at school all last week too. Here are some of this week’s lunches:

This Earth day bento was for Kirsten’s afternoon nutrition break. The top tier had a silicone flower filled with frozen peas and yogurt-covered raisins. The peas will defrost by her afternoon lunch break for a fresh and healthy snack. The bottom tier held a chicken sandwich cut into a circle with some sliced cucumbers. One sliced cucumber with an adorable tree pick on the sandwich.

This Earth day bento was for one of Kirsten’s morning nutrition break. The top tier held a cereal bar with a heart and EARTH cut out of fruit leather. The bottom tier held blueberries and green grapes.

This Earth day bento was for Kirsten’s afternoon nutrition break. The bottom tier had a circle-cut ham sandwich with a fruit leather recycle symbol on top. It’s never too early to learn to recycle and my kids help me put the recyclables in the blue and yellow boxes every night after supper. They love helping out. The bottom tier also held a silicone muffin cup with sliced cucumbers. The top tier held a silicone cup of yogurt-covered raisins and some plain cheerios on either side. These next 2 aren’t really Earth day bento’s, but I’m sharing them because they’re in green boxes, lol!

This bento was for Kirsten’s morning nutrition break. The top tier held sliced kiwi and blueberries. The bottom tier held a silicone muffin cup with a sliced cereal bar and some plain cheerios.

And lastly, this little floral bento box was for Kirsten’s afternoon nutrition break. The top tier held some cucumber cut flowers with carrot centers. The bottom tier held a flower silicone cup with cheese chunks and some triangle triscuit crackers.

Here are some of the supplies I used (or similar) to make these lunches:

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5 thoughts on “this week in bento boxes

  1. Kelly

    In your last picture you have carrot centers on your cucumbers; how do you get the carrot to stay on the cucumber, or is that just for the photograph? I’m good with “glues” that work for my kids on sandwiches and other dry foods, but can’t find a glue for wet foods. Look forward to your bentos each week!

  2. Jill

    Hi Kelly! I really think it only stays like that for the photograph. When you put the lid on the top tier, things stay in there pretty tightly, but I’m almost positive that the carrot centers probably don’t stay on the cucumbers. My daughter helps me make her lunches, so she sees what they look liked a head of time. I don’t think she cares if it doesn’t stay perfect. She eats it all up anyway!

  3. April S

    Wow! I am sold. I ordered these cute boxes, cutters and picks. They have arrived, and my children love them! Thank you for sharing…


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