cute cupcakes: caterpillar

I’ve recently gone a little “cupcake crazy” in my house and I have made about a million cupcakes. They aren’t fancy cupcakes, just white cake mix and white icing, but the designs on top are something special. I will be sharing 1 cupcake once a week for the next 3 months. All these cupcakes will have either a Spring or Summer theme to them. They are easy to make, cute to look at, and delicious to eat. Can’t beat that! With the gorgeous Spring weather we had here yesterday, I thought this cute little caterpillar would be the perfect cupcake to start off my cupcake series. Here’s how I made it:

What you’ll need:

1 prepared cupcake with white frosting
5 skittles
green taffy
2 chocolate sprinkles
black gel icing

1. Take your prepared cupcake and place 5 skittles on top for the caterpillar’s body.
2. using your knife, cut 2 leaves out of your green taffy – you can also use your knife to make a line down the center of the leaf – don’t cut through it! Place the leaves on the cupcake.
3. add 2 chocolate sprinkles for the caterpillar’s antennae
4. dip your toothpick in black gel icing and dot on 2 eyes.

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7 thoughts on “cute cupcakes: caterpillar

  1. Mariska

    So funny: Tomorrow we have a caterpillar birthday party, too! I was planning to make very similar cupcakes, using m&m’s. Had wondered about the eyes, wondered if I could make them precise enough with gel, so your use of a toothpick is such a great tip! And love the leaves, too.

    Perfect timing of this post for me :) Thank you!


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