fingerprint pussywillows

This is one of two crafts I managed to salvage from my camera’s memory card when my hard drive malfunctioned. I lost so many awesome crafts that I did with the kids. I’m really devastated about that. I did find this little gem on my camera’s memory card though. I saw the idea of making fingerprint pussywillows in this month’s issue of Disney Family Fun and knew it would be a craft we would enjoy. We love all crafts that involve handprints, footprints, fingerprints and thumbprints. This is a really simple Spring craft to make and it looks really pretty. Here’s how we made it:

What you’ll need:

canvas or paper
brown markers
light grey paint (I mixed white and black together)


1. using your brown marker, draw some pussywillow stems on your canvas

2. get your light grey paint and have your child dip their finger in the paint and stamp all along the pussywillow stems

3. allow to dry and display your masterpiece

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