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Happy Sunday everyone! I’ve had a couple sick kiddos this week and a few missed days of school. Because of that, I didn’t have to make school lunches everyday. Some of these are from the unposted archives I have, but that’s okay too because I have a lot to post! As usual, most of these bento boxes were really simple to make – and some are Fall-themed too!


This adorable Fall bento box was packed in our Steeltainer snack container and I really love this box. I love that it’s stainless steel on the inside, but has a removable plastic outer shell. The lid is beyond easy to open and close for my kids and the lid is leakproof thanks to it’s silicone seal. The box is pretty small, but it tends to be perfect for my kids because I pack them each 2 bento boxes a day – one for their morning nutrition break and 1 for their afternoon nutrition break. This box was for Kirsten’s afternoon nutrition break. She had a chicken sandwich cut into an oak leaf shape, with a slice of marble cheese also cut into an oak leaf on top of the sandwich. I used my food safe markers to draw a cute kawaii face on it. The sandwich rested on a bed of romaine lettuce. The other side of the divider held oak-leaf cut cucumbers and peppers. I used my mini oak-leaf cutter and it was really easy!


This is another fun Fall bento box packed in our Easylunchboxes. The kids had identical boxes this day. I made english muffin pizzas using half an english muffin, pizza sauce, shredded cheese and I cut the pepperoni into oak leaves. Place in the oven until toasty. They also had oak-leaf cut cucumbers in a silicone muffin cup and some apples in red, green and yellow. A lot of people ask me how I keep my apples from browning and I use a mixture of lemon juice with a little water. I dip the apples right in it so they get nice and saturated. It works well for us!


This healthy bento was for Cam’s afternoon nutrition break. It was packed in his goodbyn bynto and the kids had identical bento’s – makes my life so much easier. The top section held 3 fresh strawberries and a grey silicone muffin cup with sliced baby carrots. The middle section held another grey silicone muffin cup with cubed marble cheese and lion pick and some sliced cucumbers. The bottom section held some whole-wheat crackers.


This morning nutrition break bento was for Cam. This was packed in our blue steeltainer snack container – LOVE it! One section held sliced peach and fresh red grapes with an adorable elephant pick. The other section held a granola bar and some pretzels.


And finally, an adorable two-tier bento for Kirsten’s afternoon nutrition break. The top tier held a green flower silicone muffin cup with sliced baby carrots and green hippo pick and some sliced cucumbers. The bottom tier held a circle-cut chicken sandwich with a cute piece of green hippo baran and some mini pretzels.

Here are the supplies I used to make these lunches:

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4 thoughts on “this week in bento boxes

    1. Jill

      The peppers were a little tricky to cut. The cucumbers were easy. You really need to make sure the metal cutter pierces through the pepper skin. To ensure this, I usually press really hard against my cutting board and rub the cutter back and forth until it is all the way through. I hope that makes sense!


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