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We have another week of Halloween lunches and snacks here this week. The kids have just been loving it and I’ve been loving the creativity it allows me. I’m so excited for Halloween this Wednesday and can’t wait to go trick-or-treating with the kiddos! Anyway, here are some of my kids lunches and snacks from this past week:


This mummy lunch was for my kiddos afternoon nutrition break and they had identical lunches. It was packed in my colourful two-tier bento boxes, but I mixed up the colours for fun! The top tier held a silicone muffin cup with sliced baby carrots and sliced cucumbers. The bottom tier held a circle cut chicken sandwich with sliced cheese on top to look like a mummy. The mummy had 2 icing eyes. The bottom tier also held some mini pretzels.


This ghostly bento was for the kiddos morning nutrition break, and again, they both had matching bento’s. This bento is packed in our goodbyn bynto. One section held a granola bar, the middle section held a yogurt drink (I peeled off the label and drew on a ghost face with a marker), and the last section held a banana sliced in half with chocolate chip eyes and mouth.


This funny Frankenstein bento was for the kids afternoon nutrition break. It was packed in our Easylunchboxes and both the kids had one. Frankenstein was made with a spinach wrap filled with sliced chicken, shredded cheese and veggies. I used my mini plastic cutters and cheese to make the hair, eyes and nose and food marker to draw on the details. 2 cute food picks were used at the bottom of Frankenstein’s face. The other sections held baby carrots, and a silicone muffin cup filled with sliced cucumbers.


This delicious bento box was for the kids morning nutrition break. It was packed in my colourful 2-tier bento box and I mixed the colours up again for fun. The top tier held clementine segments and raspberries with an adorable ghost pick. The bottom tier held a homemade pumpkin muffin in our pumpkin silicone muffin cup and mini pretzels.


This batty bento was for the kids afternoon nutrition break. It was packed in our Easylunchboxes and the kids had matching lunches. The larger section held 2 bat sandwiches cut with our wilton comfort grip bat cutter. I sliced a baby carrot and used that to make a bat face with food-safe marker. The other 2 sections held a silicone muffin cup with bat-sliced cucumbers and a cup of clementines with a jack o-lantern face drawn on with marker.


And lastly, a cute little Halloween bento for the kids morning nutrition break. This was packed in our Steeltainer and the kids had matching bento boxes again. One section held half a sliced banana with chocolate chips to make a ghost face. The other section held a silicone muffin cup with pumpkin-cut marble cheese and some mini whole-wheat crackers.

Here are the supplies I used to make these lunches:

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8 thoughts on “this week in bento boxes

  1. MattyMommy

    Hi Jill! Your bentos are so cute you are inspiring me to make my own! I was wondering where you got the silicone cups that were shown in the above pictures? Thanks!

    1. Jill

      Hi! I got the silicone muffin cups at YIG/Superstore (grocery store) in Canada. I also got some at the dollarama in Canada. I hope that helps – although it probably only helps if you’re Canadian, lol!


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