cute snack idea: a poppy for Remembrance Day


My kiddos and I were at the grocery store this weekend and we bought a poppy from a nice man. My kids wanted to know why we were buying poppies and why other people they saw were wearing them on their jackets. I decided to make the kiddos a healthy snack and have a little talk to them about what Remembrance day is all about. With Remembrance Day this coming weekend in Canada, this is a perfect snack for little ones. Please visit Canadian Family to get all the details!

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6 thoughts on “cute snack idea: a poppy for Remembrance Day

  1. Domestic Goddesque

    what a fabulous cute snack. Could I be very rude and ask if you would mind joining my remembrance day linky. I am a follower of your blog and regularly share content (not that you would know as this is probably the first time that I have commented.) Remembrance Day is very important to me and I am always on the lookout for great activities to support, promote and reinforce the significance. Thank you.


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